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How Globalization is Affecting Entrepreneurs

Guy Weitzman gives his insights on the effects of globalization for entrepreneurs and his advice on how to succeed in the global environment.

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IoT Brings Cutting-Edge Tech to Legacy Equipment

Atomation’s IoT platform gives manufacturing companies the ability to be on the cutting edge of tech trends and connect equipment to the cloud, without having to hire a team of tech experts, build a system from the ground up or invest in costly new equipment.


STL business journal

Atomation CEO Details ‘Hidden Agenda’ for St. Louis as a Startup Adds Investor, Advisor

Guy Weitzman speaks with the St. Louis Business Journal about Atomation’s first year of growth and experiences in St. Louis after moving its headquarters from Tel Aviv.

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IoT Brings Big Data Insights to Manufacturers

With IoT, big data and previously unavailable information is accessible with the touch of a bottom, allowing manufacturers to take greater control over their companies’ process, cut costs and increase efficiencies. The manufacturing sector is expected to spend more on IoT than any other industry in 2018 alone – $189 billion.

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IoT in Agriculture Makes Heartland Tech Really Sexy

Guy Weitzman weighs in on how the tech revolution is present in all industries, including the seemingly less glamorous agriculture industry. Atomation’s IoT platform can connect legacy equipment to the cloud, allowing farmers to keep their equipment up to date at a reasonable cost.

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The Power of Predictive Maintenance: Improving Operations with Internet of Things

Utility poles are the literal backbone of the electric utility industry, and Atomation’s IoT platform can provide real-time data to help utility companies ensure that these poles remain stable and their structural integrity is intact.

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Meet Me in St. Louis: Maintaining Team Cohesion Between The Midwest and The Middle East

Guy Weitzman explains his strategy for managing a successful team across continents. With Atomation’s headquarters in St. Louis and its R&D in Tel Aviv, it is extremely important for his team to foster global communication and work together as a cohesive unit.

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How the Internet of Things May Help Power the Future

Atomation’s IoT platform can measure irregular movement on utility poles. Access to this data in real-time allows utility companies to increase their predictive maintenance ability, while decreasing the chance for injury among inspection crews – ultimately saving time and money.


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Creating Change

Guy Weitzman is featured as an innovator and entrepreneurial champion for St. Louis.


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Case Study: Bringing Valves to Life with IoT

Israeli Tech Entrepreneur Moves to St. Louis with Big Ambitions.

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Israeli Tech Entrepreneur Moves to St. Louis with Big Ambitions

Guy Weitzman is featured as a mover and shaker in St. Louis’ entrepreneurial scene after moving Atomation from Tel Aviv to St. Louis in late 2017.

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In Illinois, the Humble Utility Pole Meets the Smart Grid

Ameren is testing utility pole sensors that could alert it to maintenance issues and maybe someday play a bigger role in managing the electric grid.