Remote monitoring of the temperature and humidity of composting fields digitally and remotely has never been an option for most farmers because of the costs and complexity involved.

Currently, farmers have someone manually walk the field, periodically inserting a temperature probe and recording the measurement.

agricultural field monitoring

Immediate information is needed to quickly correct any

potential problems
Atomation Solution

The agricultural field monitoring solution from Atomation solves this problem. Atoms were mounted to a probe and fitted with external sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity of the compost field.

Atoms were installed at key locations to ensure uniform measurement across the field. Atoms periodically measured temperature and humidity to adhere to regulations. Thresholds were set to let the farmer know when the field should be checked and action needed to be taken. 

Atoms Use Case 1

Atoms are designed to be easily installed and used in a variety of locations. 

Robust and Durable
Atomation Results

Atoms began immediately reporting temperature variations across the field and were able to deliver a critical alert within the first few weeks that improved the yield of the compost field, resulting in a significant increase in the per-pound sale price of the compost.

Atoms continue to deliver the data periodically (along with alerts when necessary) to give the farmer the life-cycle patterns of the compost. 

Bonus: Monitoring the temperature and humidity of the field throughout the production life-cycle gives the farmer the ability to sell the final product at a higher cost! This increase in per pound revenue more than offsets the cost of the Atomation solution. 

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New Monitoring Tool for Agricultural Needs

Atoms are an affordable solution for a variety of agricultural applications. Check out these additional use cases and then contact us to schedule a demo today. 

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