Balanced irrigation is critical to maximizing agricultural yield and plant growth.

Depending on the crop, knowing soil composition, environmental temperature, and humidity can make or break the growing season for a farmer.

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Atomation Solution

Grofit partnered with Atomation to provide the data farmers need to increase their yield. Atoms provide a curated data feed that includes soil tension, humidity and temperature.

The data is delivered via the customized app to the Grofit team who analyzes the information.

Once analyzed, the Grofit team then provides a recommendation to the farmer giving the information needed to make the changes that will maximize production.

Robust and Durable
Atomation Results

Farmers using the Grofit solution see an increase in yield of 20%, maximize the genetic potential of the crops, achieve a higher yield and better quality, and conserve water, fertilizer, and other inputs.

Bonus: Farmers in arid landscapes were able to reduce their water consumption, further reducing production costs for their crops. 

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The Atomation View of Agriculture

Atoms provide unique solutions for agricultural monitoring. Check out these additional use cases and then contact us to schedule a demo today.