A manufacturer of cable systems has been searching for a solution that will let them know when lines have been impacted or damaged and might be on the ground. Because of the strength of the cables, it is possible that a downed or damaged power cable won’t break and will still be conducting electricity, creating a potential safety hazard.

Their utility customers want this information immediately and need the exact location of the issue in order to quickly correct problems in the field. It is also critically important that the solution not send false positives resulting in lost man-hours while they are checking miles of line with only the possibility of an issue.

Marmon line install(1)

Immediate information is needed to quickly correct any

Potential Safety Hazard
Atomation Solution
Atom AT-U1.0c, the stand-alone sensor and communication device that captures impact, vibration, tilt, and EMF as part of its standard feature set, provides the solution.
  • Atoms are installed on the cable spans.
  • Atoms alert only when thresholds are exceeded. Alerts are sent via email and text message to the manufacturer and the utility.
  • Thresholds are determined by the location of the device and are customizable based on the possible events anticipated in that area.
  • Devices located in heavily treed areas have different thresholds vs. those that are in residential, industrial, or agricultural settings to ensure that alerts that are sent identify real issues in the field.
  • G-force impact data is also captured in the dashboard, giving users the ability to review the data and understand the significance of the event before sending crews out to further investigate the issue.
Atoms Use Case 1

AT-U1.0c Atoms are designed to survive in harsh outdoor environments.

Robust and Durable
Atomation Results
  • Atoms captured when lines were impacted by both excessive winds and by falling tree limbs, notifying the team when thresholds were exceeded.
  • G-force Impact numbers told the team the severity of the impact, giving the team the information they needed to appropriately triage the event.
dashboard screen captures for use caess

New Options for Cable Monitoring

Atoms solve challenges previously considered unsolvable. Check out these additional use cases and then contact us to schedule a demo today.