A manufacturer of HVAC equipment wanted to be able to locate, monitor, and retro-fit equipment that has already been installed.  

Because most of their sales are through channels, it can be difficult to locate where the chiller was sold, when the sale is complete and how the machine is performing. 

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Atomation Solution

By placing Atoms inside the chiller and inside the vent along with a gateway, the manufacturer is now able to identify the location of the chiller and get critical data about machine operation. 

Atoms provide temperature and vibration data, giving the manufacturer insights about machine operation as well as location of the unit. 


Atoms Use Case 1
Atomation Results

Atoms were able to determine the number of cycles by the compressor, temperature inside and outside of the chiller, verifying the performance and location of the equipment. 

Bonus: From a marketing perspective, they now know the usage data via API and are able to present a marketing dashboard showing where the chillers were placed along with usage /analytical data for the performance of the chiller. 

dashboard screen captures for use caess

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